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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated ROAS

Our Services

STRATEGY > Digital Marketing

Our Strategic Team will carry out a behavioral study of our Audience towards the thematic of your products / services in order to define the acquisition strategy to be put in place.

We will align all of your acquisition objectives (CAC, ROAS) with the reactivity  & purchasing power of our Audience.

Your acquisition strategy will be personalized and will be presented to you in less than 24 hours.

DESIGN > Creation of Digital Graphics

Our Design Team will take care of identifying the needs of your Core-Target in order to present your products & services from a specific graphic vision.

All of our graphics are 100% responsive and meet the technical requirements that guarantee good deliverability on all the Acquisition Channels.

A graphical proposal will be presented to you in less than 48 hours following your briefing.

TARGETING > Audience selection

We have 62 million email addresses in Europe, North & South America as well as Oceania.

Our Traffic Team will be responsible to define the scheduling of your Digital Acquisition, integrating the necessary trackings, disseminating your campaigns and achieving your acquisition objectives efficiently.

Through our Audience, you will benefit a high quality traffic, acquire new prospects and increase your online sales.

ANALYSIS > Statistical Modernization

Our analysis system measures in real time the progress of your acquisition of new customers against your ROAS objective.

The performance of your campaigns is presented on dashboards, in the form of key indicators and scores, according to the different compensation models (CPC, CPL, CPM).

Among our team, a UBC Expert is appointed to you as soon as your campaign is launched. He/She will show you the profitability of your campaign while planning a long-term acquisition strategy.


Tel. 00 34 635 068 094


Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00

We guarantee 100% GDPR Compliant operations thanks to Our Personal Data Protection Policy which identifies the role and obligations of each person in the processing of Data when carrying out campaigns.

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